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The East Africa Biosciences Studio Call for Innovators

The East Africa Biosciences Studio is launching the Genomics-Driven Early Diagnosis Challenge for Breast and Prostate Cancer, which aims to catalyse innovation and collaboration in leveraging genomic data for precision oncology and early cancer detection. By harnessing the power of genomics, we can revolutionise cancer diagnosis and treatment, ultimately improving patient outcomes and advancing the field of personalised medicine.


Harness the power of genomics to develop innovative solutions for the early detection of breast and prostate cancer, with the aim of improving accuracy, accessibility, and personalised treatment options.

Challenge Overview:

Genomic advancements have revolutionised our understanding of cancer biology and personalised medicine. This challenge seeks to leverage genomics to identify biomarkers, genetic signatures, and molecular pathways associated with breast and prostate cancer for early detection and intervention. By integrating genomic data with cutting-edge technologies and computational analytics, participants will develop transformative solutions that pave the way for precision oncology and improved patient outcomes.

Key Biosciences Focus Areas:

  1. Genomic Biomarker Discovery: Identify and validate genomic biomarkers associated with early-stage breast and prostate cancer using high-throughput sequencing, bioinformatics, and functional genomics approaches.
  2. Liquid Biopsy Technologies: Develop non-invasive liquid biopsy assays capable of detecting circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA), RNA, and other biomolecules for early cancer detection and monitoring of treatment response.
  3. Machine Learning and Predictive Models: Utilise machine learning algorithms and predictive models to integrate genomic, clinical, and imaging data for accurate risk assessment, early diagnosis, and prognosis prediction of breast and prostate cancer.
  4. Targeted Therapeutics: Design targeted therapeutic strategies based on genomic profiling to deliver personalised treatment options tailored to the molecular characteristics of individual tumours.
  5. Data Privacy and Ethical Considerations: Address ethical, legal, and privacy concerns associated with genomic data sharing, consent, and patient confidentiality to ensure responsible implementation and adoption of genomic-driven diagnostic solutions.


How to Apply:

Detailed guidelines and the submission portal can be accessed on the  Villgro Africa website



  • Submission Deadline: 14th July, 2024
  • Judging and Evaluation: 15 – 18th July, 2024
  • Winner Announcement: 29th July, 2024
  • In-residence Innovation Fellowship: 2nd Sept – 29th Nov, 2024



For further information, please visit the Villgro Africa website.