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National Research Fund Commissions 77.2 million Stem Cell Research Centre Project at KEMRI

National Research Fund Commissions 77.2 million Stem Cell Research Centre Project at KEMRI

By Titus Kisangau, Corporate Communications

Advancing Healthcare with the Centre of Excellence in Stem Cell Research in Kenya

In a groundbreaking move towards scientific advancement and healthcare improvement, the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) celebrated the official commissioning of the Centre of Excellence in Stem Cell Research on July 27, 2023. Supported by the National Research Fund (NRF), this project marks a significant milestone for Kenya’s scientific community and demonstrates the government’s commitment to investing in science, technology, and innovation.

The Significance of Research, Science, Technology, and Innovation:

The speeches delivered by Professor Ratemo W. Michieka, Chairman of NRF, and Professor Dickson Andala, CEO of NRF, highlighted the global consensus on the crucial role of research, science, technology, and innovation in driving long-term development. Kenya’s alignment with international commitments, such as the UN Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development and the AU Agenda 2063, reflects its dedication to prioritizing science and innovation for national progress.

The Importance of Stem Cell Research:

Stem cell research is at the forefront of medical innovation and promises revolutionary disease treatment and regenerative medicine advancements. KEMRI’s National Reference Laboratory for Stem Cell Research, established through the NRF’s generous funding of KES 77.2 million, serves as a hub for stem cell research in Kenya. This state-of-the-art facility equips scientists with the necessary tools and technology to explore cutting-edge research in drug and vaccine development, disease diagnosis, and treatment.

Addressing Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs):

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) pose a significant health challenge for Kenya and the world. Cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes account for many hospital admissions and deaths annually. The Centre of Excellence in Stem Cell Research is poised to play a critical role in combating NCDs by providing a deeper understanding of disease mechanisms and innovative approaches to prevention and treatment through regenerative medicine.

Capacity Building and Collaborations:

Establishing the Stem Cell Research Unit at KEMRI advances the institution’s research programs and serves as a regional training centre for stem cell technology. Collaborations with local, regional, and international partners will foster knowledge exchange and attract funding, enhancing the country’s research capabilities and contributing to economic growth.

Kenya’s Biotech Industry:

As KEMRI is designated to anchor Kenya’s emerging biotech industry, stem cell research complements the Institute’s efforts in developing new technologies for treating and preventing diseases. The focus on local manufacturing of medical products aligns with the government’s priority agenda, and KEMRI’s role in biomanufacturing training further reinforces its commitment to driving healthcare advancements in the region.

Commissioning the Centre of Excellence in Stem Cell Research at KEMRI marks a momentous step towards scientific progress and healthcare development in Kenya. The NRF’s support and the dedication of KEMRI’s leadership and researchers exemplify the nation’s determination to excel in research, innovation, and outreach. Stem cell research offers promising solutions to address pressing health challenges, including NCDs, and positions KEMRI as a centre of excellence in this critical field. With increased collaboration, continued funding, and unwavering commitment, Kenya is poised to advance healthcare and contribute to the global research community.