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History of the National Research Fund

The National Research Fund (NRF) is a State Corporation established under the Science Technology and Innovation (ST&I) Act No. 28, Section 32 of 2013. The Fund is mandated to facilitate research to advance Science, Technology and Innovation.

Part VII of the ST&I Act, 2013, stipulates that the Fund will constitute a sum of money amounting to 2% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product every year and such other monies designated for the Fund by Parliament, donations, endowment or grants or gifts designated for the Fund.

Formulation of ST&I and Strategy

In line with global trends and consistent with the African Union (AU) position, between 2005 and 2006 the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology initiated discussions to formulate ST&I Policy and Strategy to elevate Science and Technology as part of the foundation for national transformation embodied in the country’s development blueprint Kenya Vision 2030. One of the specific strategic issues in the ST&I policy was aimed at securing adequate and sustainable funding for various Science, Technology and Innovation components that would facilitate the cost-effective implementation of the policy.

Components of ST&I Policy:

  1. Development of mechanisms to mobilize financial resources from both the public and private sectors for ST&I;
  2. Development and promotion of a robust institutional framework for mobilization and management of ST&I resources for strategic national priorities;
  3. Support for the establishment of a mechanism for regular review of the funding mechanisms in science, technology and innovation; and
  4. Review of administrative and financial procedures for ST&I funding to enhance the realization of set targets.